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Pregnancy and Delivery

I can’t even begin to express the gratitude I have for Dr. Barton. This is my last pregnancy and it has been so hard. He is so patient and calm, and makes sure I feel ok before leaving. Most doctors would say I’m crazy, he just chuckles and says let’s take it day by day!

Jill M.

Pregnancy and Delivery

Dr. Kaelberer delivered 3 of my babies and soon 1 more. He is such a great doctor and such a kind man also. I am so grateful for him.


Sami J.

Pregnancy and Delivery

Thank you Dr. Cracroft for getting my twins here safely, and for taking such good care of me throughout my pregnancy!

Hailey C.

Pregnancy and Delivery

I only have the best things to say about Dr. Gibson! He is an outstanding OB.

Shauna A.

Pregnancy and Delivery

Dr. Pierson was on call and delivered my first baby. I had never met him before but he was amazing! He was so calm and patient and made me feel comfortable from the first moment I met him.


Pregnancy and Delivery

Dr. Barton delivered all 4 of our babies, the last one on Mothers Day at 3:39am! I love his funny comments at every appointment and kind, genuine personality. He is the best doctor ever and we love him! Thank you for all you do, Dr. Barton.

Kamille W.

Pregnancy and Delivery

Shout out to everyone at Cottonwood Ob! I had so much love and support from this team in my delivery this weekend. Thank you Dr. Pierson, Cyndee Seare, Dr. Cracroft, Dr. Thackeray and anyone else who assisted me this weekend. I love this team so much and I am so grateful to be one of your patients!

Gina M.

Pregnancy and Delivery

Dr. Thackeray is the best! He just delivered my third baby in December and his sweet bedside manner can make anyone feel calm no matter how hectic childbirth can get.

Jillian K.

Pregnancy and Delivery

Dr. Kaelberer is one of a kind! I love how much time he takes at each appointment to really just talk with you. He has come in the wee hours of the morning for 2 of my deliveries and put me at ease with each pregnancy I have had.

Thank you Dr. K!

Lisa J.

Pregnancy and Delivery

Dr. Froerer and Cristi are the best. Both always have the biggest smiles on. I owe everything to Dr. Froerer for delivering our 3 babes successfully and for saving my life when I had a tubal pregnancy.

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