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Holly T.

Pregnancy and Delivery

I love Dr. Thackeray and Erica! He got my triplets here safe and sound and we made it just shy of 36 weeks. I really appreciate his calm and reassuring demeanor! He really is the greatest and I’m grateful for the care that I received.

Kelsey S.

General Care

Dr. Kaelberer is the BEST! Add Susan and you’ve got the dream team. I am so lucky to have their care.

Andrea T.

Pregnancy and Delivery

Cyndee and Cyd absolutely blessed my life through all 6 of my pregnancies! What incredibly kind and caring ladies who feel like family! So grateful for all your love and concern.

Emily M.

General Care

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Barton! He is such a wonderful man who is Heaven sent and blessed with an aura of calm that I needed in each of my four deliveries. He has laughed with me, cried with me and been an outstanding physician and friend. I sure do love and look up to Dr. Barton and his darling family.

Kelsi G.

Pregnancy and Delivery

Dr. Thackeray is exactly the kind of person and doctor you want to have through the pregnancy journey. Even my 2 year old will say “That doctor does a great job!” after every appointment. He truly is the best!

Katheryn D.

Pregnancy and Delivery

Dr. Froerer has been my doctor for all five of my babies and I can’t say enough good things about him. I love him and Cristi! They are the best

Holly H.

Pregnancy and Delivery

I had the best experience with Dr. Gibson when he delivered my first baby. He is amazing!

ShaNae W.

General Care

Dr. Pierson is amazing! I was very worried to start with someone new, but he exceeded all of my expectations. He made me feel very important, not just like another patient. I am so grateful for Dr. Pierson and Cyndee.

Krista T.

Pregnancy and Delivery

I switched over to Dr. Froerer last year and have really enjoyed working with both he and Cristi. They took such good care of our family!

Natalie M.

Pregnancy and Delivery

Dr. Kaelberer has delivered all 3 of my little girls. There is NO ONE I would trust more to bring my babies into this world. I owe him a lot and am so grateful that he is a doctor who listens to his patients and always has our best interest and safety in mind. My husband and I consider him not just our doctor, but a friend we can count on! Dr K- you are THE best!! Thanks for all you do/have done for us! We are so lucky to have found you!

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