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Dr. Pierson

ShaNae W.

General Care

Dr. Pierson is amazing! I was very worried to start with someone new, but he exceeded all of my expectations. He made me feel very important, not just like another patient. I am so grateful for Dr. Pierson and Cyndee.

Shauna A.

Pregnancy and Delivery

Dr. Pierson was on call and delivered my first baby. I had never met him before but he was amazing! He was so calm and patient and made me feel comfortable from the first moment I met him.

Kamille W.

Pregnancy and Delivery

Shout out to everyone at Cottonwood Ob! I had so much love and support from this team in my delivery this weekend. Thank you Dr. Pierson, Cyndee Seare, Dr. Cracroft, Dr. Thackeray and anyone else who assisted me this weekend. I love this team so much and I am so grateful to be one of your patients!

Danielle G.

Pregnancy and Delivery

After four deliveries and pregnancies with Dr T I was scared to do #5 without him, but Dr. Pierson is amazing! His thoughtful and tender care throughout the pregnancy calmed my nerves and delivery day was wonderful. I LOVE Cyndee and Dr. Pierson!

Allie T.

Pregnancy and Delivery

Dr. Pierson is about to deliver my second baby! He makes you feel so comfortable. He will talk you through any worry or concern! My husband thinks he’s amazing as well. Thank you Dr. Pierson for all you do. Also, thank you to Cyndee, she’s the reason why you can get through these long pregnancies. We sure love you!